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Specialty Dog Show Secretary Services by Susan Gordon

About Susan Gordon

Win PhotosI started in Shetland Sheepdogs a little over 30 years ago with one from Stonewall Kennels. They wanted him shown if he turned out – so that is how it started. I got into Obedience and between the obedience club and the Sheltie club I got started at being show secretary and doing the catalog etc. In 1986 I decided I wanted a bigger dog, a friend had a litter of Gordon Setters and that's how the Gordons started. The Shelties have died off, but I still have the Gordons.

Over the years by word of mouth, the show secretary work has picked up. It's not enough to live on, so I have a day job. I realize that specialty clubs have financial issues that the bigger superintendents can't adjust for. I just charge for my expenses of printing, postage, etc. plus a per dog charge and an on-site fee.

Services Offered

Pre-Show Paperwork including Premium List, Judging Schedule, Catalog, Judge's Books

On-Site Secretary / or Use your own On-Site Secretary

After Show AKC Paperwork

Contact Info

Gordon Show Secretary
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